Homeschooling at Disneyland

Don’t have time to listen in for a 13 minute video?
Get annoyed with my voice?
In a setting where you can’t have a video playing?

Here’s an overview of what’s covered in the video:


  • Keep an eye out signage & informational boards
  • Visit classic stories rides are based on: Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Peter Pan, Cinderella, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh, The Wind in the Willows & The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus before your trip or even during by carrying your Kindle in your park bag



  • Postcards & letter writing: Don’t forget your stamps! There’s post office drop off boxes available inside the Main Gates of Disneyland
  • Travel Journals: Official Disney branded ones can be purchased at World of Disney in Downtown Disney ($17.99) OR check out some cool versions you can print at home before you go along with other cool related activities on my Homeschooling at Disneyland Pinterest board


  • Time management: Don’t forget your entertainment time brochure right at the Main Gate or check the Disneyland app for parade & show times
  • Money management: Load their souvenir money on a gift card and let them make the hard decisions as they watch the money dwindle down


  • Animal Science is everywhere in the park: Turtle Talk with Crush, Rainforest Café parrot shows. Keep an eye out for the Cats of Disneyland (feral cats that reside in the park to keep the pest population in check. They even have their own social media on Twitter!). In Spring, look for baby ducks in the Sleeping Beauty Castle moat
  • Rollercoaster Physics: How do you go upside down but not fall out?


  • Who was Walt Disney? How did he shape animation? Some great stuff to check out is Walt Before Mickey & the Who Am I? series
  • Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln
  •  Sour Dough Bread Making Historic Tour (with a free sample!)



  • Map Reading: ‘Nuff said. Grab your map and let your kids direct you
  • California History, Culture, Climate & Commerce
  • Attractions: Soarin, Small World, New Orleans Square & Matterhorn


Cultural Studies:

  •  Lunar New Year (Late January-Early February)
  • Easter & Egg Hunting (Late March-MidApril)
  • Halloween & Dia de los Muertas (MidSeptember-October)
  • Viva Navidad! (December)


  • Art of Animation Academy
  • Photography: See the park from your kid’s perspective. Then turn it into a cool photo book for the family to revisit & them to showcase to their friends
  • Legos: Make sure to visit the Lego Store in the Downtown Disney district. There’s play tables available & cool larger than life Disney characters made from everyone’s favorite bricks



  • Track your mileage using a fitbit or pedometer
  • Time trial or explore through the Redwood Creek Challenge obstacle course
  • Discussing feelings


  • Public speaking when engaging with characters
  • Exercising patience
  • Using our listening ears & following directions
  • Following safety procedures
  • Compromising

The beauty of homeschooling is learning never stops no matter where you are or what you’re doing.








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