10 Ways to Make it a Green World Afterall

Being a Seattlite comes with some perks. We’ve got a keen tie to music and the arts. We’re a melting pot of culinary wonders. You learn quickly you can survive without an umbrella. Downsides include permanently being Vitamin D deficient, lunar tan complexations and this insatiable desire to save the planet.

Today, I’m feeling particularly guilty on that last one. Part of depression is, I feel guilty and helpless and beat myself up over silly little things – like how I can’t come up with a good use for all the plastic bottles that hold my otherwise eco-friendly white vinegar.

Or my Disney love…

There are a few ways I could “green” up my Disney obsession. Instead of buying the new releases on blu-ray, I can start to go with digital download route sparing the need for more plastic cases being made and more ink for those inserts I toss after putting in my Disney Movie Rewards. I can buy less merchandise. In fact, I don’t even buy that much to begin with. I weigh my souvenir decisions very carefully. (I’ll write later about what I AM willing to spend money on at the Disney Parks later).

Things I could, maybe even SHOULD, do… But what about when I’m in the Parks?

To distract myself from my self-depreciating eco-guilt I present:

10 Ways to Be More Green at Disneyland (& Maybe Even Save some $ Green $ Doing it)

  1. Buy CarbonChoice credits to off-set your flight’s carbon footprint. Even tho fl
  2. Pack lighter. Heavier luggage = more fuel consumption. This is why airlines now weigh and charge based on your luggages’ heft.
  3. Use carpooling methods to get to the park: The Disneyland Express bus will pick you up from SNA or LAX. Super Shuttle offers shared-van services. The ART buses pick up on multiple resort routes. All of these options may even save you money over renting a car & paying for parking at your resort and/or at the park (which is now $20 a day!)
  4. Skip the map & use the Disneyland app. Just can’t give up the cute graphics? Upcycle the map after your trip with some cool crafts. Speaking of wasted paper & plastic, find upcycling crafts for your used gift cards – or reload them & start your next Disney fund! They never expire 🙂
  5. Eat at table service restaurants. Budget-wise, not the best unless you share meals. But most quick service counters use disposable plates, cups and silverware whereas table service do not. At most, at least take a page from Animal Kingdom’s book & skip the lid & straw on your cup.
  6. Bring your reusable water bottle & refill it at the water fountains instead of getting drinks with your meal; it’s better for the environment AND your body!
  7.  Opt for snacks with minimal packaging. Fruit is available all over the park. Bananas and oranges pretty much come in their own eco-friendly, composting packages. It can be pricy in the parks – so consider having an Amazon Prime Now package delivered to your room. Yes! They delivery fruit & veggies!
  8. Took a dip in the pool? Needed a hot shower after a day at the parks? Hotels in California especially recommend you reuse your towels & skip daily bedding turndown service. This helps to conserve on water from tons of laundry. Hang up your swim gear to dry too instead of using the dryer if your room has one.
  9. Keep in mind “one-time-purchase, long-time-protection” ways to block those harmful UV rays: hats, sunglasses, light weight flowy long sleeves. Don’t forget to look for more natural alternative sunblocks and bug sprays.
  10. Read up on how the Disney Parks work to be green & thank them! It’s really fascinating stuff especially when you consider the scale on which their recycling efforts have to be to accommodate so many guests.

Earth Day isn’t for another month, but honestly, with a little effort – you can & should make every day Earth Day.


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